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Welcome to our Clearwater Boer Goats

Thank you for visiting Clearwater Ranch Boer Goats! We hope you enjoy your visit and find what you are looking for.



Our goal is to provide you with an excellent meat goat as well as goats that are of show quality and good breeding lines. We strive to breed the best Boer Goats we can. We offer 4-H wethers, we will have kids in January and February, along with does and bucks that are available for show or commercial use.
We are very strong in supporting the 4-H kids and providing them with a quality show and market animal. Our daughter placed 3rd in the state fair with a bred, born and raised wether from our ranch, not bad for her first year!
We learned a lot of what you should and should not do with your market wethers and show animals. Some of the things we've learned is that the old myth of "a goat can eat anything" is just that, a myth. It is crucial to provide them with the needed minerals and supplements to maintain thier overall health and well being. We routinely vaccinate and observe our herd for any changes or adjustments that they may require.
Another crucial thing we learned the hard way is to be sure to keep a kidding date for your does. We pasture bred all of our does last year and had no definite date of when they would kid. Our luck would have it that when the first one went into labor the others all followed suit. Our first doe kidded on a Wednesday and by Friday they were all done! We also were not expecting very many sets of twins or triplets since they were all first time mothers. Needless to say we had nothing but twins or triplets! We learned that you can double or triple your herd just in the first year of kidding or a matter of hours in our case! What a lesson you learn!
Keeping well maintained records is imperative, you don't realize how much you can forget when you have your daily work and family routine on top of properly caring for your animals. We are continually striving to improve our herd genetics to support the show quality side of things as well as offer a top of the line quality meat goat. We look forward to many more years to come!



We have several differnt lines of Boer goat genetics. To suite your needs some of the genetics we offer are out of Permanent Ennobled Grand Champions Bowman's H.C. Fabio*, Eggstreme*, GAR Aduwa Sasquatch*, Kaptein*, NBBG Renoir* and IBGA Champion DSM Cloud Dancing, RRD Gunsmoke, R898 Cannon, Eggsorcist, JFJ Jerico Farms Bette Davis Eyes, Eggs Maple, Magnum Force, Capriole's Kal's Impact, NK Tomkat, HMR Sumo, HMR 0078 Dianne, Capriole's Savoo, Blue Chip and JLF Amelo "Precious Perfect". All these are *ENNOLBED!
We will continue to expand our genetic line to improve our market and show quality for ourselves and our customers. We hope that you have enjoyed the stories and some of our lessons that we have learned. Please visit all of our pages to fully appreciate the Boer Goats on our ranch.



If you are looking for quality Boer Goats for Sale, please be sure to contact us.  We have Boer Goats for Sale in Idaho, as well as available to sell Boer Goats to people in the surrounding states of Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Wyoming.


Please feel free to come and look around. We always enjoy having people come by and take a look at our herd, we love them and know you will too.
Please give us a call anytime, visitors are always welcome.
E mail at dustinandamanda@q.com
Or you can call Dustin at 208-716-2469 or Amanda at 208-716-3178



Clearwater Boer Goats

Dustin and Amanda Davis
60 N. 260 E.
Blackfoot, ID 83221


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